Isabel Pin


The theme of the child and the family is central to Isabel Pin’s work, and she constantly approaches it from new angles. In addition to storytelling as an illustrator and author, Isabel develops new ideas and concepts for children’s books (see Books).

Isabel engages herself in a playful way with the German language for which, as a French woman, she has retained an original perspective. This connects with the passion that all children have for playing with language and making up imaginary words (see Books).

In her workshops, Isabel explores together with children and young people ways in which they can express their imagination. Contrary to the classic reading, the focus is on mutual exchange (see Workshops).

Finally, Isabel works on interactive projects for children. On one hand, she uses the classic form of cardboard books and play books, and on the other hand, multimedia whereby storytelling is linked to elements of play. By these means, she accommodates the child’s urge to participate (see Projects & Multimedia).