Isabel Pin

Der Kern at the Stadttheater Heidelberg

(Heidelberg municipal theatre, Germany)

Michael Schwyter brought Isabel Pin’s children’s book Der Kern to the stage in a theatre version. The production at the children’s and young people’s theatre of Heidelberg municipal theatre consisted of object and figure theatre in addition to actors.

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Produced by Michael Schwyter based on the picture book by Isabel Pin
Kinder- und Jugendtheater der Stadt Heidelberg
World premiere: 12 April 2009
Reopening in winter 2009/ 2010
Direction, staging, costumes & figure design: Michael Schwyter
Dramatic adaptation: Alexandra Luise Gesch
with Kerstin Ohlendorf, Carla Weingarten, Massoud Baygan, Michael Schwyter

Photos: Markus Kaesler